Hey there,

My name is Kari Lyn.

I am a singer/songwriter from Prince Edward Island who pleases the crowd in any setting mixing Rock music and Storytelling. My art means a lot to me, it is kind of a scrapbook of my life and experiences.

 I am a storyteller at heart and songwriting just gives me that extra platform to tell them.  

I write things everyone can relate to, making them personal and personable.  Usually I write when I’m inspired, I’ll wake up, or come home and just know I want to work on a song.  

I’ll sit down, usually with my guitar, start strumming some random chords, adjust if necessary then start thinking about what I want to write.  

Once I get the idea of a story I start strumming the chords over and over until something comes out.

 The process goes differently from there, sometimes I’ll sit down and write the whole thing and sometimes it will take several days or weeks, which means, the story I want to tell isn't yet over. 

 Truly though I can be inspired wherever, whenever, sometimes it's on a bus or at work, while I'm walking or listening to music.  I have many different places where I write my songs down, notebooks, my phone, computer, scrap paper.  

It can get all over the place sometimes but ultimately the mess, creates the best art.

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